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15 Surprise Uses For Aluminum Foil That Will Save You Time And Money

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There are some items that always make it onto our grocery list week in and week out, whether for cleaning, cooking, or some other mundane use. We might not think about it often, but these seemingly common products have many more uses besides what’s on the label.

Tinfoil, for example, is very malleable, and its qualities make it more of a problem-solver than you might think. From cleaning the grill after a barbecue to making a painting activity mess-free, aluminum foil is a product that you’ll definitely want to buy more of after you read this article.

1. Get a Clearer Signal

What It Does: Boosts Wifi Signal
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

No matter how good a contract we have with our internet provider company, sometimes our signal fails. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it’s a bigger problem, but other times we just need to give our signal a little helping hand.

Clearer Signal @Ideasen5MinutosChicas / Pinterest.comClearer Signal @Ideasen5MinutosChicas /

To help us with problems that arise with Internet signals, we can use the aluminum foil that we have in the kitchen. Fold the foil into a rectangular shape with several layers so that it can stand, and place this piece behind the router you have at home. The signal should improve.

2. Prevent Over-Ripening

What It Does: Keep Fruit Longer
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

It is very common for many of the fruits we buy to ripen before we can eat them, especially if you live alone or with your partner and the weekly food expenditure is low. Bananas are one of the most commonly consumed fruits in the world, which is why they come in bunches.

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How can you make easily-ripened fruit last longer? Simply wrap aluminum foil on top of the fruit, as in the photo, and the foil will act as a barrier so that there is no contact with the air. This trick will help you to delay the ripening of the bananas, leaving you with more time to consume them.

3. Clean Your Cast Iron

What It Does: Removes Stubborn Stains From Cast Iron
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

Cast iron pans are a must-have for foodies. They are a bit more expensive than other pans, but their non-stick properties and long life are major bonuses. Ideal for cooking our favorite cut of meat to perfection, these pans are cleaned differently. It’s important to not use soap and water to clean them.

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Normally, a little clean oil is left in the pan to preserve it, but before putting the oil in, we recommend making a ball of aluminum foil and scrubbing the pan, getting out any rebellious stains.

4. Home Remedy Pain-Relief

What It Does: Relieves joint pain
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

Believe it or not, aluminum foil is also a product that we can use to relieve pain. Several studies have recommended foil for relieving pain in the neck, legs, arms, back, and hands. If you’re dealing with aches and pains, try this hack.

The Best Pain-Relief Home Remedy @mindyourdollars / Pinterest.comThe Best Pain-Relief Home Remedy @mindyourdollars /

The explanation behind this trick? Foil keeps the areas where we’ve placed it warm. All you have to do is wrap the parts of your joints that hurt with the foil before you sleep, and try not to move much so as not to tear and lose it. When you wake up, you will see the results!

5. Perfect for Cleaning the Iron

What It Does: Remove rust from an iron
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

There are many people who publicly admit that ironing is not their thing, and although they are not fans of the chore, no one is a fan of wearing wrinkled clothes. Wrinkles are one thing, but we don’t want to wear rust, either. Irons can get grubby over time.

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This rust, if not removed, can easily pass onto our clean clothes when they’ve been ironed. What should you do? Go to your kitchen and cut a generous piece of aluminum foil. With it, you can quickly and easily remove all the rust from the iron’s plate.

6. Make Your Own Funnel

What It Does: Easy DIY Funnel
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

A funnel is a typical utensil that you don’t think you need, until you need it ASAP. And it’s not just the funnel itself; you often need different sizes of funnels to avoid spills and stains that would take forever to clean up.

Make Your Own Funnel @brigittetigges / Pinterest.comMake Your Own Funnel @brigittetigges /

Now, it is unlikely you have more than one funnel size at home. If that’s you, don’t panic, as there is a simple fix. Cut a piece of aluminum foil according to the funnel size you need and fold it into a cone shape. Place the cone into the bottle and start pouring.

7. Make Your Car Keys Theft-Proof

What It Does: Anti-Car Theft Device
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

Remote keys that start the car at the push of a button are modern and practical, but unfortunately, they can also be the perfect target for a robbery. Experts in the field explain that the keys’ signal can be amplified, a technique that thieves usually use, and your car might get stolen if you’re a victim.

Theft-Proof @theclarkdotcom / Pinterest.comTheft-Proof @theclarkdotcom /

Using aluminum foil, make a cover for your keys when you’re not using them. Though this might not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world, it’ll keep your car from getting stolen, which we think is worth it.

8. Don’t Waste Soap

What It Does: Keeps Bar Soap Intact
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

Bar soap is used in many places in the house, including the shower, the kitchen, and the bathroom sink, among others. And with daily use, it breaks and disintegrates, leaving it in broken pieces. You don’t want your guests to use broken soap.

Don’t Waste Soap @rcarol883 / Pinterest.comDon’t Waste Soap @rcarol883 /

Solve this issue with a small rectangle of our star product. Place that rectangle under the bar, so it will not be visible to the person entering the bathroom but will fulfill its function of preventing the soap from breaking into pieces. With this homemade trick, you can be the perfect host without having to waste soap.

9. Make a 2-Minute Stylus

What It Does: Cheap Touch-Free Smartphone Stylus
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

Today, all phones work with touch technology, and some of them, including tablets, use stylus apparatuses to work them. Stylus pens are often expensive and easy to lose, costing you money and increasing your frustration.

DIY Stylus @businessinsider/Pinterest.comDIY Stylus @businessinsider/

However, you can make a new stylus out of aluminum foil that will be just as easy and convenient to use. Cut a piece of the foil and roll it to achieve the shape of a pencil, abiding by the length we are looking to achieve. It is important to make it somewhat tight so that it does not come loose and remains static. Problem solved.

10. Line Your Paint Pan

What It Does: Keep Paint and Tray Clean
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

If you have ever painted a wall in your house, you know the cleaning problem this activity represents. Beyond the paint that splashes on the floor, there’s the dirtying of the clothes that are impossible to wash, and the trays for the rollers are always a headache when cleaning.

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To fix this problem, line the tray that you’ll be using to hold the paint with aluminum foil. When we finish painting, remove the paper and recover the paint that has been left over. The best thing? The tray will be clean as a whistle afterward.

11. Take Advantage of Your Washing Machine

What It Does: Supercharge Your Washing Machine
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

Aluminum foil balls can improve your laundering and washing. If laundry isn’t your thing, you’re not alone. Tons of people find it tedious, and there are always hacks and tricks out there to make it easier – including this one!

Take Advantage of Your Washing Machine @ntontidespoina / Pinterest.comTake Advantage of Your Washing Machine @ntontidespoina /

These balls will not only help to improve the quality of the wash, the cleaning, and the softness of the final product, but they will also help you to eliminate static electricity in our washes. A tip is to roll about three balls per wash and place them directly in the drum of the washing machine.

12. Use the Sides of the Box

What It Does: Stabilizes the Roll
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

We all know that aluminum fall is incredibly useful in a ton of different ways, but how much time do we spend thinking about how we take it out of the box? We might have been missing a trick.

Use the Sides of the Box @rockroadquilter / Pinterest.comUse the Sides of the Box @rockroadquilter /

Normally the paper moves inside the box and we end up cutting more than necessary and wasting it. However, that is something that can be fixed without much effort. On the sides of the aluminum foil box, there are some small triangles. If you press inward on these triangles, they will keep the roll in place, making it easier to cut the right amount when you need just a little bit.

13. Protect the Doorknobs

What It Does: Keeps Doorknobs Safe When Moving Furniture
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

Doorknobs are quickly ruined over time due to the daily use that we give them. Also, when we refinish the doors, paint them, or simply move the knobs, this can also cause scratches, paint, or bumps, factors that ruin them even faster.

Protect the Doorknobs @tatianacsilva / Pinterest.comProtect the Doorknobs @tatianacsilva /

Unbeatable solution: cut a large piece of aluminum foil and wrap the doorknobs with it. Regardless of how much we move the piece of furniture, the knobs will remain intact. Thank us later.

14. Don’t Let Your Food Burn

What It Does: Protects Food From The Heat
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

Let’s say you have a special dinner and a recipe that demands to be made slowly in order to achieve the best possible flavor. There are some kitchens that do not have the equipment necessary to slowly cook the recipe, but you can create the equipment (a separator) using tin foil.

Don’t Let Your Food Burn @tatianacsilva / Pinterest.comDon’t Let Your Food Burn @tatianacsilva /

Cut large pieces of aluminum foil and mold them into a thick rope shape. Then, you can join the two ends by placing one of them inside the circle, and voila! There won’t be any burnt food at the end of the pan, and you can cook your dish for as long as you’d like.

15. Sharpen Your Scissors

What It Does: Sharpens the Blades
Est. Cost to Make: $2*

We all have a pair of scissors at home that some time ago decided to stop working. With use, scissors, like knives, become dull and lose their capacity to cut evenly, causing dull cuts and the risk of injury.

Sharp Scissors @instructables / Pinterest.comSharp Scissors @instructables /

And really, what’s worse than scissors that won’t cut? They will not be perfect with this trick, but they will come back to life a little. What you have to do is cut strips of aluminum foil with scissors. The contact of the scissors with the foil will sharpen the tool’s edges a bit and make it functional again.

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