Regine Schumann Fluorescent Acrylic Glass Art

German visual artist Regine Schumann is recognized for her artworks in which light, and its transformative powers in particular, plays a key in the experience and exploration of color and form. Schumann’s innovative use of materials and color combinations provides each work with a unique and ineffable luminosity.


Regine Schumann constructs simple boxes and tubes from industrial materials. Ranging from series of simple acrylic boxes to amalgamations of coiling tubes that spiral down from the ceiling, her sculptures are greatly influenced by architecture in their graceful forms and geometric precision.

While the individual surfaces, shapes and bodies seem to preserve a constancy, their colors conveys a fluctuating character, a kind of physically tangible resonance experience, confusing the senses with the radiant intensities as a color echo in the room. Tiny boxes jutting out from the wall, groups of parallel panels, and monumental slabs work together to create an altogether harmonious and graceful effect.




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